100 Quotes by Paul Valéry, Ljudbok

100 Quotes by Paul Valéry, Ljudbok
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‘100 Quotes by Paul Valéry’ is a collection of thoughts, witticisms, and observations by one of France’s greatest poets. Packed with dry, pithy, and often-touching sayings about subjects such as art, music, letters, and writing, it puts his singular approach to life, front and centre. A superb book for a leisurely browse, this is a welcome addition to any library or coffee table.Although born in Sète, Paul Valéry (1871 - 1945) was raised and educated in Montpellier. While at college, he studied law but was introduced to the works of the likes of Edgar Allan Poe and Stéphane Mallarmé, both of whom had a significant influence on his singular, pithy style of writing. Best known as the last of the French symbolist poets, Valéry published around 100 poems, including ‘La Jeune Parque.’ Verses from his works have been cited by subsequent authors such as in ‘Blood Meridian,’ by Cormac McCarthy (author of ‘The Road,’ adapted for film, starring Viggo Mortensen) and ‘The Wanting Seed,’ by Anthony Burgess (author of ‘A Clockwork Orange,’ starring Malcolm McDowell).