A UNIQUE GAY NOVEL Day S (peeled off), E-bok

A UNIQUE GAY NOVEL Day S (peeled off), E-bok
Kategorier: Romaner, Noveller
Brand: Roy Panen Bokförlag
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A UNIQUE GAY NOVEL Day S, is a peeled off version, half of NEW LIGHT Day S. This book file includes them both. Today, a teenager and a soon-to-be pensioner will take their lives. But their fate wants something else. And two tragedies instead become two turning points of light. Life around Måns, 15 years, has since begun to collapse. And when Emma, 16, ends, it becomes too much. He no longer wants to live and decides to throw himself in front of a train. But he is stopped by the well-known and wealthy writer Rony, 63, who shows up masked to his face. Rony is very downhearted and depressed. He has lost all joy and lust in his life, and is currently on his way home from the law firm to take an overdose of drug tablets. In a fun-filled game, Rony spoils Måns and treats him like his little diamond, and everything happens in total secret. Rony doesn’t want to show Måns who he is. (For more information and sample reading, see: www.panen.se)