A Warm Winter in Montreal - Erotic Short Story, E-bok

A Warm Winter in Montreal - Erotic Short Story, E-bok
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Brand: LUST
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I put my hand on his firm chest, bring my lips close to his and his tongue finds mine. It has a taste of summer and warm sand. Exactly what I want! Winter in Montreal is cold, dark, painful and above all long! Cold, work, cold, sleep, as Clara says. So why, this year, are her colleagues filled with joie de vivre?By following one of them for a happy hour in one of Montreal s new underground and trendy bars, Clara discovers a heavenly oasis and meets the beautiful Armand. He s a tanned entrepreneur in trainers and Bermuda shorts, who has everything to warm up this polar February. But although interested, he seems to be distancing himself. Was all this just a fleeting illusion? What surprise is in store for the sexy 40-year-old?For readers in search of exoticism and warmth.Born in Montreal to a Breton father, Chrystelle LeRoy’s family owned a zoo from which she derives a passion for observing animals and nature. As an adult, she became a historian, working for museums in Canada and France before specialising in digital writing where she won several awards. She introduces a dose of exoticism into her novels, often built on a background of historical reality.