B. J. Harrison Reads The Monkey s Paw, Ljudbok

B. J. Harrison Reads The Monkey s Paw, Ljudbok
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What would you do if you were given a chance to correct the incorrigible? Everything is going well for the White family, but they are human beings after all, and like everybody else, they want money. When a friend of theirs comes to visit, he tells the most extraordinary tale, and leaves them in possession of a mummified monkey’s paw. What follows is a nightmarish ride through hell, starting with a simple, albeit greedy, wish. The Monkey’s Paw is a typical be careful what you wish for story that has been used a lot in popular media after its publication - the X-Files, The Twilight Zone, Tales from the Crypt and many others. An immortal classic that not only fans of the supernatural will like.William Wymark Jacobs (1863-1943) was an English writer of supernatural short stories and novels. He also wrote a lot about the humorous life around the London docks. Nowadays, he is best known for his supernatural horror short story The Monkey’s Paw , which quickly became a classic in the genre. Some of his other works are Sea Urchins , Dialstone Lane , and Captains All .B. J. Harrison started his Classic Tales Podcast back in 2007, wanting to breathe new life into classic stories. He masterfully plays with a wide array of voices and accents and has since then produced over 500 audiobooks. Now in collaboration with SAGA Egmont, his engaging narration of these famous classics is available to readers everywhere.