Beneath Him - Erotic Short Story, E-bok

Beneath Him - Erotic Short Story, E-bok
Kategorier: Noveller
Brand: LUST
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All alone, she strolls around in his flat. Her aim is to prepare everything before he comes home. A note has been placed on the bedside table for her to read, and contains a list of instructions to make her punishment as mild and manageable as possible. She loves to obey him, but this particular evening she is overcome by beastliness. With a throbbing heart, she wonders whether she ll be able to contain herself when he reaches for the leather whip.Nina Alvén is a Swedish author that has been writing short stories for as long as she can remember. Her focus is generally on the erotic elements and the whole spectrum of BDSM. She wants to invite the reader into the realm of taboo and forbidden fruit, where the reader gets to indulge their wildest dreams.