Blind Dates, Ljudbok

Blind Dates, Ljudbok
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Brand: Saga Egmont
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Is true love just a few dates away…or even closer than you think?Tom has always been a hopeless romantic: but now he s just hopeless. After lockdown in particular made the millennial a reclusive introvert, it was finally time to get back out there - at least according to his best friends Adam, Allison and sister Sarah.As the group sets up 10 dates to rejuvenate Tom s love life, he soon realises how difficult the dating scene has become, along with juggling his Shakespearean-themed cafe and a hobby of romantic mixtape making.As some of the dates turn into disasters, an old flame keeps reappearing in Tom s sight - along with bitter-sweet memories. Fearing it may be too little too late, Tom must decide whether he can date his way to happiness, or find his true match was under his nose the whole time… Praise for Gordon MacMillan:‘Delightful. Pulled at my heart strings…I would totally recommend this as a feelgood book.’ Reader Review’What a beautifully emotive read… The perfect feelgood read that will make you laugh and cry.’ ????? Reader Review’A heart-wrenching, heart-warming story of a young man forced by circumstance to become an instant dad… a lovely read about growing into responsibility and love.’ Reader ReviewGordon is a former journalist writing about media and technology. He now works in marketing for Twitter UK. He has also blogged about dating and politics. He has published two novels: Songs For Your Mother (2021) and Ten Dates to Happiness (2022).