Cabin Fever 6: Freyja s Lair, E-bok

Cabin Fever 6: Freyja s Lair, E-bok
Kategorier: Noveller
Brand: LUST
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Bella has been a widow for such a long time, she can barely remember anything else. But now, she has accepted Ian’s proposal. She loves Ian, but as the wedding approaches, she realizes that he is much different than she thought. She goes to her North Sea cabin to sort out her feelings, but instead of peace and quiet, she finds the carpenter, Bill Raven. Quiet, mysterious and cheeky, Bill starts something in Bella that she does not know how to finish.The summers of the late 1960s are bursting with a thunderous humidity. The beautiful cabins of the Gray Dunes are filled to the brim with people ready to experience everything the warm summer has in store for them. But some get more than they bargained for, as the sensuality and tension of the scantily clad summer bodies permeates the air by the North Sea. Dive into a world of romance and lust, and experience the cabin fever for yourself!Ane-Marie Kjeldberg is a Danish writer, editor and writing coach.