Crude Oil - Erotic Short Story, E-bok

Crude Oil - Erotic Short Story, E-bok
Kategorier: Noveller
Brand: LUST
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Niklas, a globetrotter and famous influencer, returns to his childhood home on the island of Tjörn when a devastating leak of crude oil threatens to destroy wildlife and the coastal landscape. He wants to help in any way he can. As he gets back, he bumps into his old friend Jonny, who he s known all his life. When Niklas discovers Jonny s fascination for latex and sex he realises that it s something he wants to find out more about, and not just in theory…Saga Stigsdotter is a Swedish author who writes norm-breaking stories that explores our inner desires and urges, often with some humor. She has published short stories within different genres and has appeared in several anthologies and magazines. Saga Stigsdotter attended the writers’ program in Jakobsberg in Sweden.