Death at Noon - book 1, E-bok

Death at Noon - book 1, E-bok
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Benvenuto a Santa Caterina - a picturesque village in the heart of Tuscany where the bells of the local Abbey ring loud and clear across the idyllic rolling green hillsides. But wait, it s noon in the Abbey of Santa Caterina - and Sister Isabella is puzzled by the silence - why are the bells not ringing? As Isabella ponders this mystery, she makes a horrific discovery: Sister Raffaella is lying lifeless in the cloister. At first glance, it seems as though the dead nun must have fallen from the belfry. But then what is the meaning of the number that was drawn in the dust by the body?Was this really an accident, as the Mother Superior is stonily insisting? Isabella doesn t believe so. Together with the young Carabiniere Matteo, Isabella begins an investigation of her own and soon uncovers a dark secret… now only divine intervention can help!Monastery, murder and dolce vita - a crime series like a holiday under the Italian sun. Fans of Richard Osman s Thursday Murder Club will love this humorous cosy crime read.Valentina Morelli is a German author. With the Sister Isabella Series, she pays homage to her spiritual homeland, and captures the unique feel of life in Tuscany. For her, murder mysteries are a way of telling human stories.An intrepid nun makes it her life s work to solve crimes, large and small, that are committed in a picturesque Tuscan village, Santa Caterina.Carabiniere Matteo is happy for this heavenly help, because as Santa Caterina s only policeman, he certainly has his hands full!