Death s Head Moths, E-bok

Death s Head Moths, E-bok
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Eighth-graders Timi and Tero live in Western Finland and think school is boring. Their sense of adventure is awakened on a school field trip to Käräjämäki prehistoric graveyard. But when a late-night scary trip to the graveyard gets out of hand, getting grounded might ruin the early fall weekend. Or will it… Tero masterminds a plan to sneak away and the boys head to Pyhäjärvi-lake in Säkylä. What starts out as a fun fishing trip turns into a frightening battle against the raging, stormy lake and malicious cottagers. The boys find out about a recent string of local robberies, which are just the tip of the iceberg of bigger things going on. Unraveling the mystery almost takes a fateful turn for the boys. Death’s Head Moths is a story of adventure, friendship and the resourcefulness of young boys. Author: Janne Mäkitalo Translation: Katja Kupari Book Cover: Karin Niemi