Desire 10: Fuckbuddies, E-bok

Desire 10: Fuckbuddies, E-bok
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Brand: LUST
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How their eyes met as she ran her tongue along the edge of his cock. How he was erect even before the tip of her tongue reached the head. How she spread her legs as he pulled her panties to one side and found his way in. Made himself at home.That’s all it takes. He cums right away. Poul has had the perfect relationship with his best friend Ditte, a relationship that has also contained amazing sex. They are fuckbuddies who took a break because of Dittes feelings and desires for more… He should stay away, he knows this, but can he really make a rational decision when she makes his blood flow to his other head?Keywords: erotica, sex, desire, lust, passion, fuckbuddies, relationshipMalva B. is a pseudonym for a Swedish writer of erotic short stories. Her stories are highly popular in Sweden and for the first time they are available in English.