Die Walking

Die Walking
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In the spirit of Night by Elie Wiesel, Die Walking is the memoir of a Rwandan boy escaping genocide.

In 1994, Obadiah was the thirteen-year-old son of a Hutu pastor dreaming of becoming an airplane pilot when he heard something was wrong in Kigali, Rwanda. He didn't understand the politics, but an uncle appeared, a family meeting was held, then they were fleeing genocide. They were under gunfire. Soldiers were in pursuit. Everywhere were bodies, hunger, that smell. Stalked by terror, Obadiah kept moving through unrelenting danger and the darkest despair. He was sustained by faith and the African philosophy of Ubuntu - finding one's self through others. But not even escape led to safety, as Obadiah had to face the American refugee detention system. Die Walking is one boy's horrific story of shared humanity in a world gone mad.