JUST A GAY NOVEL Longing (peeled off), E-bok

JUST A GAY NOVEL Longing (peeled off), E-bok
Kategorier: Noveller
Brand: Roy Panen Bokförlag
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JUST A GAY NOVEL Longing, is a peeled off version, half of Want to Be with You : Longing. This book file includes them both.After two suicide attempts, Daniel comes to better thoughts and realizes that he must accept that he is blind and gay, and dare to hope to meet the man in his life soon. He meets Kim, who is fully occupied with hiding his bisexual attitude and wrapping it in countless lies, so as not to risk Camilla leaving him. Beautiful and wonderful Camilla, in which he is so in love, who also became his coat of arms, but who only manages to fill one half of his heart, while the other is involuntarily drawn to men. But on a sunny summer day, the world’s nicest and sexiest young men will be standing in Kim’s way. And now, there is no longer anything that can stop him. He just needs to get to know this god-sent little angel - Daniel. But only sneakily. (For more information and sample reading, see: www.panen.se)