Ladies won t wait, Ljudbok

Ladies won t wait, Ljudbok
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The lady of the night - was dead before morning. Michael Kells is a British secret agent waiting for his next assignment in France and when he comes across a beautiful woman - almost too beautiful to be true - who seems extraordinarily interested in him. This launch Kells on an intoxicating trail of intrigue, murder, and deadly romance through the bistros and boudoirs of the world’s worst underground! * * * During the short period of fifteen years Peter Cheyney managed to write more than thirty books. Resulting in sales which run into millions of copies. Cheyney s stories are about the grim, the slick, the seductive and the amusing - just true to life as Cheyney knew it. You will find plenty of strong meat, well spiced with humour in good measure. Detectives, gamesters, thieves, and hard-living beauties makes a glorious story of excitement, humour, suspense, crossing and double-crossing.