My Big Surprise, E-bok

My Big Surprise, E-bok
Kategorier: Noveller
Brand: Cupido
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Woman on woman. Man on man. Bisexuality. Flexible. Queer. Some people have never questioned their homosexuality. Others are in a straight marriage with kids by the time the thought of a girl friend suddenly makes their nipples erect, or the touch of a best mate makes their cock stiffen. This is a collection of erotic short stories from Cupido. The collection contains following short stories: To My Big Surprise - Five pornographic letters left behind by Danish circus performer Fanny Miranda as testament to the wealth of sexology research she undertook during her life, from the Fanny Miranda Collection. Fanny Miranda was a gifted, free-spirited, and passionate Danish woman who, after spending many years as a circus performer, dedicated the rest of her life to promoting sex education. She fought for the rights of both young and old to have an active sex life. Danish professor of sexology Preben Hertoft believes she is probably the author of this anonymous letter novella from the 1930s that lay undiscovered until 1989, when it was published for the first time in Cupido. CUPIDO - the magazine for intimate, horny pleasure - has been publishing erotic fiction based on readers’ everyday fantasies and sexual experiences since 1984.