Never Saw Me Coming - Grade A Student. Grade A Psychopath.

Never Saw Me Coming - Grade A Student. Grade A Psychopath.
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'Gripping! With a college campus setting, charming psychopaths, and a bitingly clever voice, Never Saw Me Coming is a dazzling debut from a bold new talent' Tess GerritsenHere is what we know about Chloe Sevre. She can be whoever you want her to be. A fun girl, a potential best friend, someone to tell secrets to over midnight snacks.

She has an impressive IQ of 135, loves yogalates and frat parties, and is a classic girl next door. Chloe Sevre is also a psychopath. In between her first-year classes and taking part in a secret clinical study of young psychopaths run by her university's psychology department, Chloe Sevre is plotting to kill childhood friend Will Bachman.

Poor, lacrosse-playing, weed-smoking Will Bachman. He has no idea what's coming. They say you should never trust a psychopath.

But when you hear what Will Bachman did to Chloe Sevre, you might just change your mind.


PRAISE FOR NEVER SAW ME COMING: 'Deliciously wicked and utterly addictive' Alice Hunter'Fresh, fast-paced and fiendishly clever!' Lisa Gardner