Seduced in the Library, Ljudbok

Seduced in the Library, Ljudbok
Kategorier: Ljudböcker
Brand: LUST
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He pushes her against the wall in the shower. She lifts her legs over his hips, making him carry her weight. She can feel the bulge in his trousers pressing against her pussy. It s as hard as his flexing biceps. She knows that it s not appropriate. She knows that she shouldn t be reading this here, among all these other people. But she can t help herself… Seduced in the Library is an erotic short story about a woman who finds pleasure in a romantic erotic story in the library. Sarah Skov is a pseudonym for a young female author. She has also written the erotic short stories Obsessed with Owen Gray, Car Sex, Eat with Me, Memories of You, The Feminist Man.