SUMMER CAMP Fatso! (short text) FAILED , Ljudbok

SUMMER CAMP Fatso! (short text) FAILED , Ljudbok
Kategorier: Ljudböcker
Brand: Roy Panen Bokförlag
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I mispronounced a number of places, and will read the book a second time. But I keep this first reading. I myself enjoy this reading and am not ashamed of it, and it has given me many wonderful laughs. Maybe it can make you laugh a little too?Amir, 14 years old, and his friends come to a summer camp for children and young people who feel very bad. Children who feel well also come here. And they help the broken children. A fat boy, Viktor, ten years old, who is very traumatized, also comes to the summer camp. He has seen many times when his father has beaten his mother, and he is bullied both at school and at home in the yard. He meets Amir, and they become besties. (For more information and sample reading, see: