The art of flying, E-bok

The art of flying, E-bok
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‘‘The Art of Flying - According to Quixote’’ is a completely unscientific piece of work by a high school dropout who has spent the majority of his almost 60 years constructing automobile testing facilities, fishing for salmon and singing rock & roll. But these are the very activities that - in combination with snow shovelling, Christmas brew, tzatziki and selected compositions by Frank Zappa - constitute the foundation for the breaking news that our brain, since ancient times, is controlled by a global conspiracy that prevent us from: -Flying!!! This book by Jörgen Stenberg has stirred the brains among those given the advance review copies while causing a couple of rather serious out brakes of confusion in people who consider themselves to be doing well. - Reading it the second time around is the worst…’’, says the author who is originally from Slagnäs in Lapland but for the last couple of years residing on the Island of Malta leading the life of a digital nomad. This is the first volume in a series of books that, while devoid of context still manages to exhibit just that.