The Artist s Muse - erotic short story, Ljudbok

The Artist s Muse - erotic short story, Ljudbok
Kategorier: Ljudböcker
Brand: LUST
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Charlotte has only been working at Lothar s renowned art gallery for about a week when he asks her to go to an exhibition as a representative of the gallery. It is both an honour and a scary experience to mingle with so many talented people, especially when one is a recently graduated Art History student, and also a woman in a male-dominated world. When she sees the beautiful but objectifying paintings of half-naked women, she s not quite sure how she feels. Maybe that s why she gets so confused when the artist wants to hear her opinion and gives her his business card. She hadn t thought that he would be her age, nor that he would be so attractive. The business card is burning in her pocket, right until the time when she picks up her courage and calls him.Olrik is an erotic auhtor who has written a number of erotic short stories. Other stories by the author are Dirty Doctor, The Nymph and the Fauns, Spanish Summer, Jenny the Pirate and The Game with Mr. X.