The Collective - erotic short story, E-bok

The Collective - erotic short story, E-bok
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Erotica, sex, desire, lust, passion, excitement, fantasy, horny, short story And he knows, just as much as she does, that this is her favourite. All she has to do is to step into the shower, lean against the wall and let the water wash over her. She doesn t have to speak. And just as she thought, he squats in front of her and brings his tongue closer to her vagina. There are no rules in the collective. Nobody belongs to anybody else. Nobody has exclusive rights. Some of the residents are even married, but they still share. She can kiss him. He can be with her. And she and she can satisfy each other. And he and he can do the same. Everybody loves, both the non-excising rules and the people that they share their lives with. The Collective is an erotic short story that takes place in the outskirts of Berlin, Germany. It is a story about freedom, community and open sexual relationships.In a skilled way, B. J. Hermansson’s short stories exist in between the clever and the poetic. At the same time, they inspire the reader to think about and to question our established ideas. Often about norms and sexuality.