The Council of Justice, E-bok

The Council of Justice, E-bok
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‘The Council of Justice’ is the second book in the ‘Four Just Men’ universe, which follows a group of wealthy vigilantes doling out justice. In this entry the vigilante group must face down the Red Hundred, a Bolshevik terrorist cell intent on wreaking havoc in London. However the Councils plans are thrown off the rails when one of their members is arrested by the very people they are fighting to protect. It is a roaring short packed with action, from assassinations to jail breaks and everything in between. If you loved Alexander Dumas’ ‘The Three Musketeers’ you’ll love this explosive short story.Edgar Wallace (1875-1932) was an English writer, poet and journalist. He was such a prolific writer that his publisher claimed his work could account for a quarter of all books sold in England. He wrote countless books, screenplays, poems and historical non-fiction, spawning over one hundred and sixty films based on his work. He unfortunately passed away suddenly before he could see his most famous creation ‘King Kong’ come to life. It has been adapted several times over the years, notably by Peter Jackson of Lord of the Rings fame, and more recently in ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ starring Millie Bobby Brown.