The Elixir of Life, Ljudbok

The Elixir of Life, Ljudbok
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The Elixir of Life is a short story by Honoré de Balzac, first published 1830, about eternal life. However, this is an eternal life story with a horrific twist. The Elixir of Life is classified as one of Balzac s Philosophical Studies, many of which have supernatural overtones. This one not only has supernatural aspects, but also aspects of horror. The scene opens on a winter evening in a princely palace where Don Juan Belvidero is giving a banquet. Don Juan has just remarked There is but one eternal father, and, as ill luck will have it, he is mine when he is told by a servant that his father, now ninety, is dying. When he reaches his father s side he hears a strange tale. His father tells him that he has found a way of coming to life again. Total running time (TRT): 56 min. Honoré de Balzac (1799-1850) was a French novelist and playwright. His magnum opus was a sequence of short stories, La Comédie humaine. Many of Balzac s works have been made into or have inspired films, and they are a continuing source of inspiration for writers, filmmakers and critics. Before and during his career as a writer, he attempted to be a publisher, printer, businessman, critic, and politician he failed in all of these efforts. La Comédie humaine reflects his real-life difficulties, and includes scenes from his own experience.