The face of greediness, E-bok

The face of greediness, E-bok
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Brand: Recito Förlag
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This book is a Swedish historical suspence, around 1780/90. The face of Greediness is a matter of ruthless egoism against Margareta and Arthur Mackenzie. The dreadful Mrs. Ursula Mackenzie has evil plans and tries to crush Arthur and Margareta. Will her bold, dark plans be successful?Arthur’s family takes it for granted that Arthur should get married to the daughter to one of the richest men in Aberdeen in Scotland, but Arthur refuses to do that….Is the lawyer Gustaf Severin able to liberate Arthur Mackenzie from the prison in Aberdeen? Will the two important persons in this historical suspense be able to survive the terrible storm at the North Sea?Here is also a macabre confusion with names. Who is dead and who is alive? The gravestone is a big mystery…. The two detectives Leif and Birger are very busy, but will they be successful with their very dangerous mission?