The Family Business, Ljudbok

The Family Business, Ljudbok
Kategorier: Deckare, Ljudböcker
Brand: Saga Egmont
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The Queen of Scottish Gangland Thrillers is back!Donnie Black. Charming, successful… and utterly terrifying, he rules the Glasgow underworld with an iron fist. Nothing - or no one - will stop him and he s not afraid to get his hands dirty to grow his fortune.Layla Black. She s been married to Donnie for twenty years, enjoying the lavish world he has worked hard to create. But behind the perfect image, Layla is crumbling, numbing her pain with alcohol. But Layla doesn t know the secrets Donnie keeps - and the truth will send her spiralling.Louise Bellshaw. She s young, beautiful and innocent. She s charmed by Donnie s sweet words and believes she s found true love. But Louise doesn t know her dream man has plans that will turn her life into a nightmare.As the three collide, no one can predict how family ties will turn to bloodshed. Because you ll do anything for the ones you love, won t you?A dark, twisty and totally gripping thriller set in the heart of Glasgow gangland - fans of Mandasue Heller and Kimberley Chambers won t be able to put this down.Alex Kane is a psychological thriller writer who lives in Glasgow. She is a huge fan of the genre, with her favourite authors in the genre being Lisa Hall, BA Paris and Sarah Stovell. If she is not writing, she can be found playing with her cat, reading, or drinking tea and/or gin (sometimes all of the above). She is the bestselling author of Angels and No Looking Back .