The First Binding

The First Binding
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'A work of extraordinary depth; people are going to be unpicking the secrets of Tremaine for years to come' Richard Swan, Sunday Times bestselling author

All legends are born of truths. And just as much lies. These are mine. Judge me for what you will. But you will hear my story first.

I buried the village of Ampur under a mountain of ice and snow. Then I killed their god. I've stolen old magics and been cursed for it. I started a war with those that walked before mankind and lost the princess I loved, and wanted to save. I've called lightning and bound fire. I am legend. And I am a monster.

My name is Ari.

And this is the story of how I let loose the first evil.

Thus begins the tale of a storyteller and a singer on the run and hoping to find obscurity in a tavern bar. But the sins of their past aren't forgotten, and neither are their enemies. Their old lives are catching up swiftly and it could cost them the entire world. No one can escape their pasts and all stories must have an ending.

Readers love The First Binding:

'The world is extremely rich in its myth and history . . . I loved this book . . . it's only a matter of time until Virdi and the Tales of Tremaine will be remembered for many years to come' Novel Notions

'Once you lose yourself in this South Asian-inspired fantasy world, there's no turning back. The First Binding is a grand, mesmerizing story that never ceases to unveil new layers of mystery and wonder throughout its epic scope' Goodreads reviewer,

'If you enjoy slow-paced, character-driven stories with beautiful prose, this book will be for you! The First Binding is a new favourite of mine' Goodreads reviewer,

'A fascinating world to immerse in. It is just so vividly drawn that you can't help but fall into it' Goodreads reviewer,

'Lyrical, lovely, and beautifully South Asian . . . I am really excited to see where the series goes' Goodreads reviewer,

'It's like a song. Slow, but beautiful . . . This reads like those old epic adventure stories about getting to see different worlds and cultures' Goodreads reviewer,

'This book is lyrical and beautiful in all its tragedy and harmony. It definitely feels like a successor to The Name of the Wind but it's also its own creature' Goodreads reviewer,