The German Lesson - An Erotic Story , E-bok

The German Lesson - An Erotic Story , E-bok
Kategorier: Noveller
Brand: LUST
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The German lessons are the worst and the best of the week for Alex. Her yearning for her handsome-but much older-teacher makes it hard for the otherwise top performing student to focus. The fact that he treats her like any other student doesn’t stop her from fantasising about him. After the last class on a warm and sweaty afternoon she finds herself alone in the classroom with her teacher. This is her chance, but will she find the courage to show him how she really feels?Vanessa Salt is a pseudonym. Vanessa finds inspiration for the stories on her many travels, where hot exotic places nourish her erotic fantasies. She writes with humour about the passion that can arise when you least expect it.