The Gold Hunters, Ljudbok

The Gold Hunters, Ljudbok
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The Gold Hunters is an adventure novel by American writer James Oliver Curwood.In The Gold Hunters we find 3 men in search of a treasure of gold hidden away in the upper reaches of the Canadian wilderness. One, a young white man, another his half breed friend, and the third the wise old Indian sage who communes with the wilderness as only his people have done through the generations. The 3 men know the gold is there, they had found the map which is leading them to it. Yet it seems that the map is leading them to places that don t exist, and each day finds a new adventure and new dangers which they must overcome if they are to achieve their reward.The Gold Hunters was first published in 1909. AUDIO: Reading by Roger Melin, running time: 6 hours, 34 min. Also available as E-Book, ePUB, Length: 56 900 words, average reading time 4 hours, 45 min. James Oliver Curwood (1878-1927) was an American action-adventure writer. His books ranked among Publishers Weekly top-ten best sellers in the United States in the early 1920s. At least eighteen motion pictures have been based on or directly inspired by his novels and short stories. At the time of his death, he was the highest paid (per word) author in the world.