The Great God Pan, E-bok

The Great God Pan, E-bok
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The pagan rituals and ancient ruins in Machen’s portrayal of Wales played a pivotal role in guiding the creative force responsible for the horror novella The Great God Pan . Upon publication in 1894 it was widely scorned due to its overtly decadent and sexual motifs.The narrative unfolds around a mad scientist who is convinced he can make the mind experience the spiritual world and envision the beyond. Predictably proves his hypothesis to be mistaken. But is it really a mistake? Horror legend Stephen King, whose bestselling books have been adapted into blockbuster films such as The Stand , It , Misery and The Shining , considers this terrifying story to be one of his favourites. Arthur Machen (1863-1947) was a Welsh writer of supernatural, fantasy, and horror novels. Before his literary career skyrocketed he also worked as a journalist and an actor. His major belief was that the ordinary and external world surreptitiously conceals something far more mysterious and bizarre. In turn, we are deeply interested in trying to lift the veil enshrouding the threshold separating the two. His most acclaimed works include the classic horror novella The Great God Pan and the semi-autobiographical The Hill of Dreams .EPUB3: Reflowable