The Lady of the Camellias, E-bok

The Lady of the Camellias, E-bok
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When Armand Duvall meets Marguerite Cautier for the first time, he falls head over heels in love. It doesn’t matter that Marguerite is a courtesan - and a way too expensive woman for an ordinary man like Armand. But Armand is not ready to give up. He is determined to win Marguerite’s heart - at any cost. ‘The Lady of the Camellias’ is a novel by Alexandre Dumas Jr. It has been filmed into a movie several times. The best known version is from 1936 and it stars Greta Garbo. Alexandre Dumas Jr. (1824-1895) was a French writer. He is best known for his novel ‘The Lady of the Camellias’. Dumas Jr. was an illegitimate child of writer Alexandre Dumas. His father paid for his education and took care of him financially.