The Man on the Beach, E-bok

The Man on the Beach, E-bok
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Trying to process a life crisis Gothenburg policeman, Dennis Wilhelmson, decides to take a trip to his quiet childhood island, Smögen. Dennis is looking forward to enjoying some peaceful days at the small town island, where nothing really ever happens… or so he thought. Everything changes when the body of a young man is found in the habour basin and an old friend of his is missing without a trace. Dennis is now involuntarily thrown in to the biggest murder investigation the area has ever seen.Enter Sandra Haraldsson, a young ambitious and very straight forward police aspirant. This was definitely not the calm and harmonious summer Dennis had been planning for himself to recover. But can Sandra heal his heart while they take on the investigation?The Man on the Beach is the first part in the series The Smögen Murders .Anna Ihrén grew up in Stockholm and in Gothenburg, but spent her childhood summers on the island of Smögen. Now she resides in Sjövik with her husband and children. Her series of crime novels The Smögen Murders has become very popular, The Man on the Beach being the first book in the series.