The People of the Mist, E-bok

The People of the Mist, E-bok
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When roaming the African wilderness in quest of hidden riches, it would probably be wise to consider beforehand that you just might stumble upon more than you bargained for. Indeed The People of the Mist is the epitome of the lost world fantasy genre in which the penniless and desperate Leonard rescues a young woman from slavery and, in doing so, unexpectedly discovers a lost race dwelling in the heart of Africa. But all too soon do they find themselves swept up into a spiraling vortex of vying religious cults and bloodthirsty power struggles.If you are a fan of the Indiana Jones on-screen franchise, you ll be thrilled to find out that the Allan Quatermain series was a direct influence on some of the daring action highlights throughout the series.Henry Rider Haggard (1856-1925) was an English adventure story writer, who is credited with the establishment of the lost world genre. Haggard wrote a bit on social and political issues as well, but he gained literary prominence with his famous novel King Solomon’s Mines . Some of his other most acclaimed works include She: A History of Adventure , The People of the Mist , and Montezuma’s Daughter .EPUB3: Reflowable