The Publisher - Erotic Short Story, E-bok

The Publisher - Erotic Short Story, E-bok
Kategorier: Noveller
Brand: LUST
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It’s the annual Book Fair in Gothenburg. Josefina works for the respected book publisher, Gabriel’s, and tonight they are hosting an exclusive cocktail party with a theme: Arabian love . Richard Steel, an older and very successful author is also at the Fair. He is Josefina’s favourite author. But she is his publisher, and she must be professional. A cocktail party with turbans, gold and drinks, and Richard is irresistible a genie who is there to make Josefina’s wishes come true. They move closer and closer to each other and they have a magic connection. He is forbidden. But it doesn’t matter. Or maybe it’s part of the attraction? The Publisher is a novella about instant desire, a desire as powerful as magic, and a Book Fair that offers something extraordinary.Vanessa Salt is a pseudonym. Vanessa finds inspiration for the stories on her many travels, where hot exotic places nourish her erotic fantasies. She writes with humour about the passion that can arise when you least expect it.