The Shot, E-bok

The Shot, E-bok
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The Shot is a story about a duel between two people, Sylvio and an unnamed Count. The narrative revolves around the shot that did not take place, one that goes on forever. The unfinished duel becomes something like a lifelong ambition for Sylvio, who is chasing the Count. Switching between different narrators, Pushkin is trying to piece together the line of events as they happened, but every time something new arises. A great story that keeps the reader on tenterhooks, wishing for a swift resolution of the ubiquitous duel business - one that ended Pushkin’s own life as well.Deservedly labelled the best Russian poet , Pushkin’s short life did not prevent him from ushering Russian literature into its modern era. A master of the vernacular language and multifarious and vivid writing style, Pushkin’s oeuvre was of great influence to a whole legion of Russian writers and literary styles. Among his best-known works are the narrative poems Ruslan and Ludmila and Eugene Onegin , the drama Boris Godunov , several novels, short stories, and fairy tales.