The Story of an African Farm, E-bok

The Story of an African Farm, E-bok
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‘The Story of an African Farm’ (1883) was written by South African writer and intellectual, Olive Schreiner. Originally published under the pseudonym Ralph Iron, the book was a best-seller and caused controversy with its views on marriage, sex, and religion.The story follows the lives of two cousins, Em and Lyndall, who live on an ostrich farm in South Africa s Karoo region in the 1860s. Whereas Em is an obedient child, happy to be a housewife, Lyndall is the opposite. An idealistic rebel, she aspires to something more than this life. But can Lyndall ever escape the strict conventions of Boer life? The novel draws on Schreiner’s own experiences of growing up in South Africa and is now recognized as one of the first feminist novels.Olive Schreiner (1855 -1920) was a South African author, anti-war campaigner, intellectual and feminist, best known for her highly acclaimed novel ‘The Story of an African Farm’ (1883).An advocate for Afrikaners and other minority South African groups, Schreiner’s work reflected her interest in socialism, pacifism, feminism and other issues. Her posthumously published novel ‘From Man to Man or Perhaps Only’ (1926) was said to be her favourite. It dealt with the life of white women in South Africa and their confinement to domestic life. The novel also covers the racism and sexism the author grew up with on the colonial frontier.Schreiner’s other works include ‘Dreams’ (1890), ‘Dream Life and Real Life’ (1893), ‘Trooper Peter Halket of Mashonaland’ (1897), ‘Woman and Labour’ (1911), ‘Thoughts on South Africa’ (1923), and ‘Undine’ (1929).