The Switch - Erotic Short Story, E-bok

The Switch - Erotic Short Story, E-bok
Kategorier: Noveller
Brand: LUST
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Rakel and Simon are into BDSM. Simon is usually the dominant one and Rakel loves to let go and succumb to her urges. Rakel tells her friend Stina stories about her sex life and her erotic games with her boyfriend. But then Stina asks an interesting question. What if Rakel was the one holding the whip instead? And would Simon want to be the submissive? Rakel finds this very intriguing … Maybe they should try it. To switch roles.Saga Stigsdotter is a Swedish author who writes norm-breaking stories that explores our inner desires and urges, often with some humor. She has both published short stories within different genres and has appeared in several anthologies and magazines. Saga Stigsdotter attended the writers’ program in Jakobsberg in Sweden.