The Ted Dreams, Ljudbok

The Ted Dreams, Ljudbok
Kategorier: Deckare, Ljudböcker
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She s a queen of words - Caitlin Moran It was the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring… except a clot of blood, creeping up from Ted s leg to his brain, to kill him as he slept… Recently widowed Philly keeps dreaming of her dead husband Ted - strange dreams of a paranormal alternate reality: why is her new husband Robbie so interested in them? He works for a mysterious genetic research company called Portal Inc. But what exactly is Robbie s job? Did he seduce Philly by feeding her experimental new drugs? Was Ted s death intended? Such suspicions make Philly doubt her own sanity - yet something about her new marriage doesn t quite ring true… Witty, unnerving and surreal, this is Fay Weldon at her best. Fay Weldon is an award-winning British author, essayist, playwright and writer for tv and film.