The Valley of Silent Men, E-bok

The Valley of Silent Men, E-bok
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While Jim Kent lies in his bed, thinking that he is dying from a fatal serious disease, he confesses to having committed a murder but he also falls head over heels in love with Marette Radisson, after she pays him a short visit. Kent is captivated by her dazzling beauty and violet-flamed eyes, and she is about to change the course of his life. Did Jim Kent actually commit the murder, or is he covering up for someone else? Who is Marette Radisson and what role will she play? Find all the answers in James Oliver Curwood’s 1920 novel The Valley of Silent Men . James Oliver Curwood (1878 - 1927) was an American writer as well as an unwavering nature lover and conservationist. As such, many of Curwood’s action-adventure stories were based on real events from the rugged landscapes of the American Northwest. He built himself Curwood Castle, which he used as a writing studio and as a place to greet guests. More than 150 motion pictures have been adapted to or directly inspired by his novels.EPUB3: Reflowable