Unlocking Secrets: How to Get People To Tell You Everything, Ljudbok

Unlocking Secrets: How to Get People To Tell You Everything, Ljudbok
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Ever wondered how criminal investigators persuade others to reveal their secrets? Or perhaps your personal or professional life could benefit from more open, trusting interactions? Whatever it may be, Unlocking Secrets provides the answers you need to harness your interpersonal and communication skills to get others to open up and talk.Through real-life examples, Dr David Craig shows how these skills can be applied in everyday life, whilst divulging some of the most enhanced psychological methods used in the world of covert operations. All in an accessible, bitesize way, perfect for anyone looking to advance their career or enrich personal relationships.Dr David Craig has been teaching and researching techniques in covert operations since the early 2000s. Having assisted undercover operations around the world, he spent over two decades as a Federal Agent, and now runs a consultancy for covert operations in Australia and overseas. Craig is the author of the bestselling psychological books ‘Unlocking Secrets : How to get people to tell you everything’ and ‘Lie Catcher: Become a Human Lie Detector in Under 60 Minutes’. Craig believes that everybody can and should benefit from covert skills in their everyday lives.