Wildfire, E-bok

Wildfire, E-bok
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Wildfire tells the story of the temperamental stallion called Wildfire who many have tried to win and tame. Lin Slone has also spent many months following the wild horse with the only hope to finally catch it. Lucy Bostil is a strong-willed girl who wants to get everything she longs for. She loves the horses in the ranch her father has and it is on one of her rides that she stumbles across Slone and Wildfire. Lucy gets herself in trouble and it is up to Slone and Wildfire to save the woman they love. Zane Grey’s Western novel from 1917 is full of majestic scenery and magnificent description of the area around the Colorado river and the canyons. It is a story about the love between a man and his horse, between a daughter and her father, between a young man and the girl he loves. The questions is: will Slone manage to save Lucy? Pearl Zane Grey was an American author born in 1872. He is best known with his adventure novels which idealize the American frontier and which largely created a new genre called western. The novel Riders of the Purple Sage , published in 1912, earned Grey wide popularity. The book turned to the author’s all-time-best seller and also one of the most successful Western novels. Zane Grey wrote more than 80 books which later inspired many Western writers who followed in Zane Grey’s footsteps.