Women CFO Stories

Women CFO Stories
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I am an avid reader, and as a financial professional, I couldn’t find a single book that covers stories of women Chief Financial Officers (CFO) As the world was stuck in the pandemic in 2020, I had a lot of free time during weekends, and that is when I thought about telling the stories of some of the incredible women across the globe who have made it to the top in the finance world. I have loved the process of writing this book. I feel a sense of obligation to the women who have entrusted me with their stories. I hope these stories will inspire many women finance professionals to break the glass ceiling and aim to become CFOs one day

While each person’s circumstances are different, and their story won’t be the same as anyone else’s, I hope by reading this book, every woman can understand that Ambition, Humility, Profession, and Prosperous family life can all co-exist This book’s net proceeds will be donated to non-profit organizations in India working towards women education and empowerment.