Wynema, E-bok

Wynema, E-bok
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‘Wynema’ (1891) is a novel by Native American writer Sophia Alice Callahan. Occupying the position as the first-ever novel written by a Native American woman, it is an important and gripping account of the hardships suffered by Native Americans, and further covers the infamous ‘Massacre at Wounded Knee’. When a married couple hears of the horrors at the battle of Wounded Knee, they decide to adopt a Native American orphan girl. But raising a Lakota girl in a white town influenced by Western values and Christianity inevitably leads to a clash of cultures.‘Wynema’ is perfect for those interested in Native American history, as well as those familiar with Zitkala-Ša s ‘American Indian Stories’. Sophia Alice Callahan (1868 -1894) was a Native American novelist and teacher, best known for her novel, ‘Wynema’ (1891), which is the first novel written by a Native American woman. The book details the horrors of the battle at Wounded Knee and the treatment of Native Americans in 1890’s United States society. It has been declared a work of great historical importance and has been studied by scholars.