!y, E-bok

!y, E-bok
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Do you remember M3rqrie? Did you follow the hunt for N3v3r!and? If you did, then the story continues here. If not, the first book is a better place to start, than to start with this one. But as always, it is your choice! Speaking of choice. M3rqrie made quite a few in the last book, leaving them in a lonelier place than when the first book started. With trust scattered and broken, can M3rqrie trust again? Is there even someone that will support her cause? And if the N3v3r!and was hard to find, how hard will it be to find new allies, if there even is such a thing? And can the fight be brought to the N3v3r!and? On their turf with their rules? Is it even possible to go up against an invisible giant dragon that is supported by the people in the shadows, the ones with all the power? !y may give you answers to the questions above, but then again, maybe it will raise several more that might or might not be answered here. Do you dare to take the risk of reading this book without knowing if your curiosity will be satisfied or if it is just teased further? It is your choice. Always!