A Mindful Death: A Harry Anderson Mystery, E-bok

A Mindful Death: A Harry Anderson Mystery, E-bok
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In the summer of 1944 a family from Perugia, Italy, finds itself in a desperate situation that will shape their lives for years to come. A Mindful Death takes a group of disparate people on a journey to New York at the end of World War II, via Marseille France.The patriarch of the family has kept a secret for over seventy years until 2015, when he finally assures himself that it is safe to tell the whole story to Harry Anderson, a travel writer, and photojournalist.Harry, by chance, happens on a photo of this family with the word arrivato and the date July 17, 1945 inscribed on the back.What unravels is a story of passion, honor, pride, and two lovers who find joy and danger, when they arrive to Perugia. Here they locate the family member who kept the secret. With it came so much shame, regret, and suspicion of betrayal, that it made him wish he would have ended it a long time ago. Harry learns that a lot more is buried in the past and the picture when he unknowingly put himself and his loved one in danger - something he never could have predicted.Born and raised in Sweden and educated at Lund University I, at age 29, moved to the U.S.Working as an international banker for many years I stayed in the US for 28 years before recently returning back to Sweden.My passion to coach individuals to grow in their professional and personal lives and to support them when going through a transition, led me to helping them in ways that strengthens their focus, spirit and success, working towards the goals they set for themselves.In my writing and when developing my characters I use my coaching experience to understand how thoughts, emotions and actions defines who we are.My first novel will become part of a mystery and suspense book series, A Harry Anderson Mystery. This is the first of which is entitled, A Mindful Death.