Brigands of the Moon, E-bok

Brigands of the Moon, E-bok
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Brigands of the Moon is a science fiction novel by American author Ray Cummings first published in 1931. Brigands of the Moon is one of Cummings’ classic novels - a thrilling novel of the clash of two planets in the fight super-power ore, an adventure in interplanetary piracy, and a prediction of the mining and colonization of the moon that is still as timely as the day it was written. Gregg Haljan was aware that there was a certain danger in having the giant spaceship Planetara stop off at the moon to pick up Grantline s special cargo of moon ore. For that rare metal–invaluable in keeping Earth s technology running–was the target of many greedy eyes. But nevertheless he hadn t figured on the special twist the clever Martian brigands would use. So when he found both the ship and himself suddenly in their hands, he knew that there was only one way in which he could hope to save that cargo and his own secret–that would be by turning space-pirate himself and paying the Brigands of the Moon back in their own interplanetary coin. Ray Cummings (1887-1957) was an American author of science fiction, rated one of the founding fathers of the science fiction pulp genre . Having worked for Thomas Alva Edison, Ray Cummings was inspired by science’s possibilities and began to write science fiction. His most highly regarded work was the novel The Girl in the Golden Atom published in 1922. His career resulted in some 750 novels and short stories, using also the pen names Ray King, Gabrielle Cummings, and Gabriel Wilson.