Cover of Darkness

Cover of Darkness
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A pilot’s captivating autobiography that traces the development of night-flying from the early days of the Battle of Britain to the final triumph over Germany.

Perfect for fans of Geoffrey Wellum, Eric Brown and Norman Hanson.

What was it like to soar through the night sky fighting enemy aircraft in the Second World War?

After completing intensive training Roderick Chisholm was thrust into the height of the Blitz to protect his country in the black of night.

Guided by rudimentary radar he, along with his fellow pilots of 604 Squadron, developed the art of night-fighter operations.

Fog, friendly-fire, disorientation, a Messerschmitt surprising you from behind - night-flying was a terrifying experience, even for skilled pilots, and Chisholm provides vivid insight into the hopes and fears of these men as they endeavoured to do their best in difficult conditions.

Cover of Darkness records in fascinating detail how night-fighting progressed through the course of the war, initially through the use of radar, and later when Chisholm served in 100 Group Bomber Command developing radio counter-measures and organising fighter support for the bombers raiding Germany by night.

‘The very real merit of this book lies not so much in its most interesting account of night-fighting and night bombing during Hitler’s war, as in its careful and impressive analysis of a pilot’s mental reactions when flying at night on operations … convincing and moving.’ Air Chief Marshal Sir Philip Joubert

‘This story … continually impresses and satisfies. … Chisholm] can admirably describe to the layman, with intelligence and without heartiness, what his work is about and what it meant to him … A most intelligent and articulate book, charming and modest…’ H. E. Bates