The Monk, E-bok

The Monk, E-bok
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‘The Monk’ is a frightening, erotic, horror story about Ambrosio, a monk torn between his vows to God and the temptations of the Devil. This is a gripping, gothic tale about greed, pride, and lust, as Ambrosio battles with his inner demons.Written by English novelist Matthew Lewis at the age of 19, ‘The Monk’ (1796) marked a turning point in gothic literature with its focus on horror, violence, and lust. It proved hugely successful with the public and made him an overnight success despite widespread condemnation at the time. The book continues to influence writers and shock audiences to this day and will delight anyone interested in venturing out into grittier reading territory. Matthew Gregory Lewis (1775-1818) was a novelist, diplomat and dramatist, whose gothic novel ‘The Monk’ (1796) was so successful, he later became known as Monk Lewis. The book focused on horror rather than romance, and its violent and erotic nature made it a best-seller, despite widespread condemnation at the time.His other notable works include the popular musical drama ‘The Castle Spectre (1798), while his book, ‘Journal of a West India Proprietor’ (1834), details life on the Jamaican estate he inherited and his distaste for slavery.